The development of modern industry creates a great deal of economical interests, meanwhile lead the increasingly serious environment problem. All the countries promulgate regulations to restrict the harmful matters in industry. EU promulgated Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE-2012/19/EU)and The Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous substances in Electnical and Electronic Equipment(RoHS-2011/65/EU). Prohibition on sale of Electrical and electronic equipments containing Pb, Cd, Hg, Cr(Ⅵ), PBBs, PBDE, phthalates required in this directive.  

The international community and transnational enterprises have made a move. Environmental protection, environment management, green supply chain management are coming into being a great international trend. To every enterprises in the supply chain of Electrical and electronic equipment, it is an immediate necessity to select and produce the raw material and productions of hazard free and satisfying every customer.

PTS Testing Service精锐检测实验室时时关注欧盟各国法规的进展,致力于为客户提供全面的环保法规资讯、咨询和培训,以满足产品符合不断更新的欧盟法规。
PTS Testing Service Lab pays attention to the developments of EU regulations ever and again and apply ourselves to afford all-around environmental protection regulations, information, consultation and training to make the productions satisfy the increasingly renewed EU regulations.

PTS Testing Service精锐检测实验室竭诚为客户提供全方位的RoHS检测服务。
PTS Testing Service Lab offers all RoHS testing service.